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How We Work
After completing an intake of information, our initial consultation involves reviewing your film, reviewing your materials, website, and most importantly your goals. We then meet in person or by skype/conference call to discuss the viability of your film and where we believe we can assist. Following the initial consultation, we will map out a plan of action for additional consulting as needed. There are two paths this can take.

1. Consulting: We handle the heavy lifting. We develop a distribution and financing strategy based on your specific goals, the character and content of the film, your team, an analysis of core and crossover stakeholders and audiences, and a review of distribution options.

2. Coaching: We guide you through the process, and are here to support you and your team.

Many film distributors look to take all rights for your film, but with the rapidly changing landscape of distribution, they are being forced to specialize – they can’t do it all well. This means certain channels will not fully deliver the revenue they could. But, they still often want more rights than they can deliver.

Yet, DIY (Do It Yourself) distribution means you are no longer a filmmaker, but a distributor – generally lacking the skills and resources for success. And dividing rights can be tricky as there is no longer an integrated approach and each distributor needs to have enough ownership to put their full effort forth.

We are here to help you through this process – knowing which distributors play well together, reviewing their contract, and looking at how to create an integrated campaign.

Creating a good strategy is challenging, but implementing the strategy and getting results is even more important. As is adjusting the plan as it evolves because of opportunities or circumstances that arise. We can become part of your team, or further guide you to achieve the results you are looking for.